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About us

Reminiscing back to the time when we were just started diving. We never thought our one-time dive trip to Raja Ampat would alter our leisure lifestyles forever. Indonesia is a paradise with an extraordinary underwater biodiversity and hundreds of scuba diving spots waiting to be explored. We realized that we had been missing out on one of the best things our country can offer, marine tourism.

We noticed that planning a trip was not exactly simple. It was a whole process from researching, comparing, to finally booking the dive reservation and payment.

We believe the planning of marine tourism activities such as scuba diving and liveaboard trip could be made simpler especially in this modern digital era, where everything is easily accessible. That inspired us to create, a centralized marine tourism booking platform, where travellers can gather information on dive centers, liveaboards, and trip packages all over Indonesia that suits their needs. The founders of is a unique mix of avid rescue divers and technology minded people (one of which also co-founded with a combined industry experience of more than 25 years. With our passion for marine tourism and adeptness in technology we provide you a gateway to Indonesia's marine biodiversity and strive to provide you the best experience to explore Indonesia's best above and underwater world.

Book your trip safely with our payment gateway system that allows you to make payment with your preferred payment methods.

“Your personal dive entry platform”

Book your trip with us

We provide the platform for our partners; local operators, to showcase their services and facilities. Our partners have the expertise and professional capabilities to run the trip safely so you have the best dive and leisure experience. By connecting potential travellers directly to the operators, we eliminate the boundaries and bring people closer to the sea.

Centralized Booking System

We eliminate those steps of searching where and when to go by providing all the necessary information to allow customers to browse and book their own personalized trips.

Straightforward Interface

Our platform is beautifully designed to ensure a smooth user experience. It is simple and easy to use for everyone. It should be fun, it’s for adventure afterall!

Price Transparancy

What you see is what you get. No hidden cost or tricky terms and conditions. We provide clear informations for both customers and operators with our trustworthy and reliable payment system.

Support Local Business

We believe in sustainable tourism. Our partner operators are contributing to their local economy by creating job opportunity and raising awareness in keeping our ocean pristine. Let’s support them!